Love Where You Live.

So you're ready to buy your dream home...

You've spent years in a "stepping stone" house that has served you well, but now you want to take the next step and find the place you love — home.

At Hunt Custom Homes, we design and build beautiful and spacious custom/spec homes from the ground up throughout the Tyler, TX area. When you get your dream home from Hunt, you’ll love where you live.

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Oak Creek Details Brochure

The Brooks Details

Oak Springs Details

Caddo Ridge Details

Walnut Hill Details Brochure

Deer Point Details Brochure

Taking The Step From Nice Home To Dream Home

For most of us, our first home is a used home — a house designed by someone else and for someone else. We make our first home work for us and our families, and we feel proud of it because… it's ours.

We invest a lot of time and money into our first and even second home, and it's a special place for us. However, when we bought it, it required some compromise.

Even from the first walkthrough, you may not have loved everything about it. You just had to make do. And the small things you didn't notice when you first moved in eventually stood out and are now all you think about on the days when you feel the lack of space or customization.

Homeowners who buy from Hunt Custom Homes love the unique customizations that go into each and every one of the houses we build. We are proud to play a part in helping people take the step from “first home” or “nice home”... to dream home!

A Home That Doesn’t Come With A To-Do List

If you're like most people, the first home you bought needed some work. Even if you've put sweat equity into making it beautiful, you probably still have a list of projects and upgrades you haven't finished yet.

Not to mention, no matter how many upgrades you do, you can't completely alter the layout or add a ton more space. The home was perfect for you and your family for a while, but now it's time for something built brand new. A house designed just for you!

If you’re seeking new construction homes in Tyler, TX, Hunt Custom Homes has the beautiful one-of-a-kind house you are looking for.

Imagine walking into your new, custom home with more space than you’ve ever had.

The open concept floor plan inspires you with vision for the gatherings you can host, the family memories you can create together, the holidays you can enjoy.

Every element from the easy-to-navigate kitchen with plenty of cabinet space to the master bathroom oasis is designed for you.

There are:

  • No projects to be done.
  • No need to “make it work for this season.”
  • No compromises.

This is home!

For so long, you’ve lived in a home you didn’t love because it was a home you could afford. But now, you've built up some equity, you’ve become established in your career, you’ve grown your family, and it’s time to find the place you love where you can put down roots.

We have the perfect place for you.

Explore our list of new houses for sale in Tyler, TX below and contact us if you're ready to look at one. This is not an MLS listing. It's the fresh inventory of newly built homes we've crafted at Hunt Custom Homes!

We are confident that you will love where you live.

The Data: Tyler & East Texas Are Where You Want To Be

The Tyler region is one of the best areas to live in Texas — and we’re not just biased.

  • School districts in the area are above average compared to the rest of the state.
  • The real estate market makes this area a dream location.
  • And, as the Rose Capital of America, the area is beautiful!

Over the past 10 years, the cumulative appreciation rate for homes in Tyler and the surrounding areas is 41.48%. In other words, homes have nearly doubled in worth over the past decade. In fact, current market trends show homes in Tyler, TX appreciate at a rate of 10.58% each year.

That’s 90% better than other cities in Texas!

At Hunt Custom Homes, you’re not just getting a new construction home in Tyler, Texas. You’re getting an investment that can benefit your family for many years to come.

Contact Hunt Custom Homes today to schedule a viewing of one of our new homes in Tyler, TX.

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